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Children's and Family Dental Treatments

Family Dentist PhotoAchieving healthy teeth and gums is fundamental for patients of all ages. And the best way to get kids comfortable with dental health for life is give them a quality dental experience right from the start.

Laser Dentistry Great For Kids

Laser dentistry is ideal for children because needles and drills are usually not required! This means no more high-pitched drilling noises and no more numb lips. Needles may sometimes be necessary for some patients with highly sensitive teeth but usually this is not required. Because lasers are effective in reducing sensitivity, those with sensitive teeth will benefit from reduced sensitivity after the filling.

Faster & Invisible Orthodontic Brace Technology - Inman Aligner

Minimising the visibility of braces and the time children have to spend in them can make the experience more positive for children. We have the latest Inman Aligner invisible brace technology to assist those requiring orthodontic interventions to achieve straighter teeth with the least amount of time and hassle.

Paddington Dental Practice Is Conveniently In Brisbane's Inner West

Located conveniently in Paddington, just moments from Milton, Auchenflower, Bardon and Toowong, David Cox Dental is comprised of highly motivated and experienced professional Dentists who are committed to achieving beautiful, healthy smiles. David Cox Dental will help maintain your natural teeth for life and make your visit pleasant and effective.