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Laser Dentistry - The Best Laser Wavelengths For Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a modern technology that can improve treatment outcomes and make dentist visits more comfortable. However, it is important that your dentist has chosen the right laser wavelengths.

The Best Laser Wavelengths For Laser Dentistry

For cutting of teeth the Erbium YAG laser is the best wavelength of light for cutting teeth. YSGG is slower wavelength that some dentists may use. However, at David Cox Dental we have chosen the what we regard as the best laser wavelength. This video demonstrates how much easier treatments are for you with the laser we have chosen:

For treatments on the gums and soft tissue we invested in the KTP laser wavelength. The KTP laser is more than five times the cost of diode lasers but it is better absorbed by the red tissue in the mouth making it a better choice.

Advantages Of Laser Dentistry To You

Laser Dentistry provides many advantages to patients.

  • The need for a local anaesthesia may be prevented
  • Bleeding may be reduced
  • Swelling may be controlled
  • Postoperative discomfort may be limited

However, the greatest advantage is undoubtedly that the drill is no longer necessary in your dental restoration. Laser Dentistry may be utilised in many treatments including the removal of decay, Fluoride treatment , Root Canal Sterilisation , Gum Disease Treatments, Tooth Whitening as well as Surgical Procedures. The utilisation of the Laser in Tooth Whitening treatment fastens the bleaching process and creates exceptional long-term results. Lasers may also be utilised to sterilise teeth, increasing patient comfort.

Our dentists are trained in the art of Laser Dentistry and will utilise the laser where possible to make your experience more comfortable